Private Coaching

Interested in learning how to play golf or keen to improve your game? At Whaleback we offer private coaching that can be tailored to suit you.

Our coaching is personal, intensive, and guaranteed to help you achieve your golfing goals. Any aspect of your game can be covered, at times and intervals suited to you.

Services include:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Golf schools
  • Get Into Golf adult program
  • Junior coaching

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Scott McLean

PGA Professional

Scott has mastered the art of teaching people to play better than they ever have before.

“I love the challenge that teaching sports presents. I teach people of all ages and enjoy conducting junior programs that see youngsters develop their golf skills from an early age. I have achieved great success with people of all skill levels and will tailor my coaching to suit the individual.”

Brad Eastick

PGA Professional

Patient, knowledgeable and dedicated, Brad is a highly effective and sought-after coach who has been mentoring golfers and fellow PGA members since 2005.  

“Whether you prefer a one-on-one scenario or enjoy a group learning environment, I will help you to understand your golf game, how to improve it and how to bring enjoyment and consistency to your performance.” 

Ben Percival

PGA Professional (Advanced Coach)

“With over a decade of teaching experience, I offer lessons to all abilities of golfer. I enjoy the challenge of assisting players improve their understanding and enjoyment of their game, whether it be through a single lesson or long-term plan.

I also place an emphasis on putting lessons, lessons for the female golfer and full- and half-day masterclasses.”

Jimmy Heron

PGA Professional, coach, club fitter

“Every golfer I have ever met would love to get better, and sometimes all it takes is a single change in technique or thinking in order to see that improvement.

Understanding that people all think differently, have different body types, and different physical abilities, I like to keep teaching as simple as possible. Each person swings the club differently, not all people learn the same way.”

Aleisha Weidmann

PGA Associate

I am a passionate golf coach specialising in coaching Women and Junior individual and group clinics. 

I aim to inspire my daughter, fellow junior golfers and women eager to explore the game of golf – whether you’re a beginner, expert or just want to have fun. I have 10 years’ experience coaching between WA and VIC and I can’t wait to work with you in achieving your goals on the course. 

Standard fees

The standard private coaching fees at Whaleback are:

  • 30 minutes from $70^ (Juniors $60)
  • 45 minutes from $105^
  • 1 hour from $125^ (Juniors $100)
    ^ Fees stated are the minimum that a contracted Teaching Professional can charge.

Please note the fees for coaching services will change depending on the coach.


Whaleback offers these package options:

  • 6 x 30 minutes $350^ (pay for 5, get 30 minutes free)
  • 6 x 45 minutes $525^ (pay for 5, get 45 minutes free)
  • 6 x 1 hour $625^ (pay for 5, get 1 hour free)
    ^ Fees stated are the minimum that a contracted Teaching Professional can charge.

On-course Tuition

On-course tuition with your coach:

  • 1.5 hours from $190^
  • 9 holes with a pro (warm up, 9 holes and debrief) from $275^
    ^ Fees stated are the minimum that a contracted Teaching Professional can charge.

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