Club Fitting

For the consistent golfer, club fitting should be an integral step in purchasing new clubs. Having clubs that are correctly tailored to your swing and biomechanics will help you improve your game faster and ensure continued enjoyment in the game we all love.

For 1 hour of your time, we can eliminate the guess work and help you find the perfect golf club.

Our staff are fully versed in all the latest advances in golf club technology and have years of practical experience assisting golfers.

There is a big difference between testing your new clubs in a shop and trying them out on the driving range. At Whaleback we can take you through a “dynamic fitting” on our range and you can compare different head designs and shafts until you find the combination that suits you best.

Have a chat to our pro shop staff to book a fitting today.

Should I be fitted for my new set of golf clubs?

Not every golfer needs to get fitted for golf clubs.

If you’re someone who just wants to get outside, swing the club, and have some fun, then you could skip the fitting.

But if you are someone who loves the game and are committed to getting better, a custom fitting will definitely help.

If you are shorter or taller than average, then golf clubs off the rack are likely not to suit your swing. We recommend you spend the time to determine the clubs that are the correct size and length for you.

What is considered during a club fitting?

In a typical club fitting the professional will measure everything you need to know about your swing. Some key measurements are:

  • loft
  • lie angle
  • shaft flex
  • ball speed
  • clubhead speed
  • sweet spot
  • grip.

These factors, among other measurements and professional observations, will eliminate certain shafts and clubs after only a few swings helping you to identify what works for you and narrow down to a winner.

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